Welcome to St. Mark's Diaper Closet

   Sponsored by St. Mark's Lutheran Church

(517) 467-9178

Diaper Closet is open on the Third Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.


Saint Mark's Lutheran Church

11151 US Highway 12

Brooklyn, Michigan  49230


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If you would like to make a donation to Baby Closet, please make your check out to 'St. Mark's Lutheran Church', and make sure you put 'Baby Closet' in the memo area.
Checks can be sent to:

St. Mark's Lutheran Church
11151 US 12, Brooklyn, MI   49230

Tax documentation will be sent back to you upon request.


This is a place for families in need to pick up supplies like
diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, and lotion to get them
through the end of the month.  Items will be given out to
families with babies and toddlers at no charge.

Phone: (517) 467-9178



  1. Thank you for this wonderful service!

  2. Where can i find a place to go out here in longisland Ny

  3. I just wanted to leave a note to say Thank you for offering this service to our families. I have given out and made many referrals over this past year.
    Brenna Rinald RN at WIC in Adrian. 517 263-7861

  4. We are in Michigan, not New York. Sorry.

  5. Can anyone come to this for these things for babies? Do you need a appointment or just come by? Live in Homer so was just wondering? Thanks a lot. Amy

    1. Yes Amy. Brooklyn Diaper Pantry is open to anyone.

  6. Wow. What a lifesaver.

  7. Do you ever have cloth diapers available?

    1. Sorry, we don't carry cloth diapers.
      If you call us maybe we can arrange something.

  8. Do you have to bring any paperwork proving you have a child or just a state I.D.? I do not want to drive there just to find out I need to bring proof and drive all the way home. Please let me know so I can make sure I bring appropriate paperwork along with me.